Customer Testimonials

I had a really positive experience with Hayes [Insulation] from start to finish and two months of living with the improved insulation in the house has been a great improvement. First, Glenn was the person who set up the work and gave us the initial quotes. He was extremely patient, friendly, and generous with his professional expertise. That included, for issues like our uninsulated pet door that let it tons of outside air, advising me how I could address the issue as a simple DIY project. He wasn’t phased when I asked him to scale back his initial project proposal to something a bit simpler and less costly. He probably spent 3 to 4 hours with me in total in discussions over a couple of weeks as we looked at different alternatives to address our insulation issues as well as being upfront about other areas where I could do portions as DIY to reduce the project costs. Finally, he made sure to follow up on the work. The workmen who came to blow in the attic insulation and install the batting and air seal the crawl space were also excellent, friendly, and dedicated. This really was an all-around positive experience and I’m 100% satisfied. I waited two months to write this review to make sure that the job had some time to be field tested. It has resulted in some reduced energy bills, but not huge reductions. However, it is extremely noticeable how much more comfortable the house is, how much less our HVAC system is working, and how even when it’s on, it seems to be at a lower level/reduced stress. I’m confident that beyond the humble energy savings, this project will help reduce all the wear and tear that could have happened had we not done it.


Peter is a wonderful loyal business owner. He will always treat you with wonderful customer service and his product is always A plus. Great company.


I should begin this by saying that I have had some extremely negative experiences with contractors, and am very uneasy about hiring people to work on my home. I’m typically an avid/obsessive DIYer as a result, and I was reluctant to hire this work out, but could not have been happier with the result.

The Hayes Company recently did a complete attic restoration in my 1959 home. The previous owners had let it go and the attic was a mess. Excessive animal traffic and neglect had led to compressed, dirty insulation, and air sealing and soffit ventilation were non-existent. Hayes company did a great job of cleaning out the old insulation and debris, installing ventilation baffles, air sealing the entire attic, installing fireproof covers over all of the fixtures, and blowing in new insulation. I would say the work exhibited the same level of attention to detail that I as the homeowner would’ve applied, which is saying a lot. Ultimately, however, I have to say that the best part of this entire experience was the communication. Donnie, the Operations manager, responded to every question I had via email, text, or call, and I had a lot of them and I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a nit picker. Nonetheless, Donnie had an answer for everything and the work reflected a great understanding of everything I wanted done. All in all a great experience. If I hire this kind of work in the future (which is likely) I’ll go with The Hayes Co. without a second thought.


I’ve built several homes and deal with subs on a semi regular basis. My experience with insulation people, until now has always been sub-par. The Hayes company did an older condo I reno’d in West Nashville. To my surprise and delight they exceeded my expectations. No corners were cut, they provided what was quoted plus some. My price was reasonable. They were responsive and on time. I was referred to them by a friend. My turn to pass on the good recommendation. Wish everyone did as good a job.


Pete Hayes and his crew went above and beyond! Quit looking, use Hayes for all of your insulation needs! They made me (and my tiny home) feel like a priority and their service was excellent. I could not recommend them enough for any insulation needs.


We purchased a one year old home, one year ago. We were noticing that the upstairs rooms were getting particularly warm in the summer months. We initially wrote it off as hot days making the house warmer and so on, but then noticed the only affected area was that upstairs space. After some investigation we identified that there was an issue with the insulation as it was applied during initial build. Something overlooked by at least a handful of independent inspectors. We identified the installation company (Hayes) and contacted them for help to determine a fix. Pete was awesome! He came out and inspected the areas of concern, agreed that there was an error during initial application and without hesitation offered to correct the problem right away.

We weren’t expecting the kindness, helpfulness and responsiveness with which Pete served us. We are grateful to him, Hayes and their employees for the great service and respect. They will be the first folks we recommend or reach out to for any home insulation services.


I can’t praise this company enough! They have done four houses for me and each time I have been impressed with their work and price. They go above and beyond and are not out to take advantage. I had gotten four other companies to bid the first job and Hayes was half the price. They showed up when they said they were going to and cleaned up after. They also happen to be a crew of really nice guys.


Pete is awesome to deal with. He insulates around 100 homes a year for my company and insulated my personal house. I would strongly recommend him for all of your insulation needs!


Pete and his team have been great for our company. We are in a period of rebuilding and Hayes Co has been a great addition to our trade partner roster. I strongly recommend Pete and his crew.


The spray foam job they completed turned out wonderful and the staff was professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company. Thanks Hayes Insulation!


The Hayes company did a great job for me. Got there when they said they would. The guys were courteous and efficient.